India is the world's second largest demography and fastest growing economy. It has got the second largest mobile internet market with 460 million internet users, making it a large and lucrative consumer market. India also has the largest talent pool in software, technology and engineering.
Startups from Singapore can explore setting up technology centers, back offices and sales offices in India.


Singapore is Asia's most prominent tech and startup hub. It provides access to Singapore ASEAN and Asia Pacific markets.  It also provides access to technology investors and global funds. Singapore also provides excellent research and development support and a world class intellectual property regime.
Startups can explore setting up the corporate offices, research and development centers and register their intellectual property.

Market Access

Through our partners, we provide access to Indian market for Singapore startups. Similarly Indian startups can get access to Singapore, larger ASEAN and Asia Pacific markets

Investment Advisory

Krystal helps raise investment for the purpose of research, product development, market access and growth purposes.

Research and Innovation Advisory

Krystal, by means of its association with research and innovation institutes in Singapore, can help startups avail grants and highly skilled researchers in Singapore. Krystal can also help set up technology and back office centers in India.

The Message

The Krystal India-Singapore Corridor aims to introduce startups between the ecosystems of both countries and foster collaboration between companies in each other's markets and in South-east Asia. Over time, we aim to create a dual edged advantage of leveraging Singapore's innovation & intellectual property regime, along with India's large domestic market & highly talented pool in technology & engineering.
Our network of advisors, investors, technologists and intellectual property experts will work with you to succeed in a two way traffic between India & Singapore.

If you are...

A startup based in India you should be

  • An idea or prototype stage startup
  • Atleast 2 founders
  • Sector focus on IoT, AI Block chain, data science, healthcare, fintech, agritech, internet and media, Industry 4.0 and  clean technology

If you are a Singapore based startup

  • Minimum 2 years of existence in Singapore
  • Revenue stage
  • At least 2 founders
  • Sector focus on consumer internet, agriculture, manufacturing  and clean technology

Next Steps...

Apply for the India Singapore corridor, to tap into your potential with us.