Connect with Clean Energy Cohorts

Krystal has a comprehensive alignment in clean technology & clean energy cohorts including the world's leading oil & gas companies, startup programs.   Our team will work with you to facilitate application, presentation and entries.

Strategic Advisory

Better business plans.  Better product-market fit.  Better financial discipline.  We provide point advisory on key business elements that influence success.
Our lineup of advisors will work with you to SUCCEED with CLARITY.

Seed Capital Advisory

We help you raise seed capital through our network of angels & funds that focus on clean tech & clean energy.
This smart capital comes with valuable contributions from the investors for growth.

Krystal First Clean Energy Cohort with Partners

Krystal Ventures is announcing its first cohort for Clean Energy Startups.  We invite startups who are in prototype / pilot and early revenue stage. Focusing on a region of immense population and sustainable development - India and ASEAN. Our vision is to create startups that can create sustainable innovation and solve some of the key problems of today in Energy.

Why a Clean Energy Cohort.

Why an energy cohort?

Sustainability through technology is a key aspect in the energy sector. We focus on delivering high value insights to start-ups through integrative, comprehensive and quality research, which covers high impact innovations in renewable energy system integration. In addition, we advise on large partner cohorts & seed capital to enable Clean Energy Startups to succeed.


Next Steps...

Apply for the Clean Energy Cohort 1 NOW.  Our team will get in touch with you for further details.