About Us



Krystal is a technology led,  data-driven startup advisory program that increases the success of startups and increases participation and transparency to investors.

Our Approach.

Depth.  Wisdom.  First Principles - lead to clarity. Clarity ( through data) leads to success.  And strong belief in execution.  That is what makes Krystal. On path to something spectacular, it is the conviction of the present that makes our approach OURS.

Startups need Krystal.  Clarity - about performance, capital & visibility.

Our Story

A long car drive.  A train journey together.  Umpteen coffees & conversations & a myriad startups.  Some success & many lessons. Things became clear.  Krystal.  That is the way forward.

Meet the Team

Fresh thoughts.  First principles. The race is long, so we be smiling and strong.  Each color is unique and together bright shines the Krystal Canvas.


Ashok Subramanian

Thinker.  Patient.  Dynamic & Enterprising.  The Brain.

( Business Strategy & Vision)


Adrienne Isabelle

Enthusiast.  Doer.  Learner.

(Investors.  Startups. Community Relations.)



Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Focus. Fighter.  Finisher.  Committed.  The Angel.

( Strategy & Finance)


Sandeep YN

Sedate Action.  Silent Performance.

( Information Technology & Digital Operations)


Shrihari Allangala

Go-getter.  Enterprising.  Solutions Man.  The Flame.

(Investor Relations, Mentors)


Krithika Reddy

Enthusiast.  Eager-beaver.  Doer.  Learner.

(Financials & Valuation)


Next Steps...

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