Krystal Ventures

Krystal is a startup advisory program which involves partnership with carefully selected, meticulously curated startups. The advisory program covers capital raising and performance advisory.

Our Approach.

Our approach is based on building clarity on the purpose, position & progress of the startups’ business. We bring in that clarity through detailed preparation and curation, based on which we raise capital for startups.

Post investment, we maintain track of the startups use of funds & performance, and advise on a case-to-case basis, through our performance advisors. Such startups have an equity relationship with Krystal Ventures.

Our Story

A long car drive.  A train journey together.  Umpteen coffees & conversations & a myriad startups.  Some success & many lessons since 2016. And we are into our third year.

Our team

Fresh thoughts.  First principles. The race is long, so we be smiling and strong.  Each color is unique and together bright shines the Krystal Canvas.

Shrihari A

Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Ashok Subramanian
Krithika Reddy
Adrienne Isabelle