Whether it is business growth or investor readiness, we invest our expertise and time through a structured program for startups.

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We work with startups to raise capital.  We help investors to invest in startups as an asset class and track the portfolio's performance.

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Through our Digital Connect platform, Stars of Startups,  the ecosystem gets to know the story behind the startups.

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Clarity is Success.  With Krystal.

With more than 15 man years of startup experience, we have realized that startups are the bedrock of innovation.

Combining fresh ideas with technology and youthful exuberance, a founder embarks on a journey fraught with risks. The investor looks at this colorful canvas to see if he/she can contribute with his capital and capabilities.

Krystal brings connect and clarity to both- through a structured & tech-led startup advisory program focusing on performance, capital and visibility.

Backed by lot of learning and reasonable success, Krystal is part of Wiselane Ventures, a Strategic Ventures Group based in Bangalore & New York.


Next Steps...

If you are an investor, consultant, advisor or a startup,  we would be happy to connect.  Because, clarity and connect, bring success.